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The cosmos sighs in wonder, opening the Silver Flowers of being, the Silver Ones seeing.


Louisa is an integral thinker. Her creative work endeavours to re-contextualise the present for new possibilities. It attempts to ‘open up’ the future as it unfolds in the phenomenological present, quivering with new potential. There are definite seeds of futurist-oriented thinking integrated with an understanding/knowing that the past and future manifest simultaneously in every moment – a spiralling mutation of all possibilities.

Every poem, painting, or word image which Louisa creates is an attempt to open the future with a new way of thinking, perceiving, sensemaking, and imagining the world – like in the book of poetry, Silvering.

Is it possible that Louisa might allude to the nascence of a new tribe that celebrates a ballet of twinkling fireflies - celebrating the essence of living shimmering in the forever unfolding processes of change?


Behold! Behold!


They will come. They will rise. They will sing. The mistresses of the original

sun. The Mother with the silver tongue. The Original One who births blushing

Jasmine babies. They are star-shaped flower wildlings with climbing branches.

Their heavenly fragrance spread their presence in invisible landscapes.

Beautiful and bright, a delight!


Now I can breathe and hide my Silver in Rumi’s diamond light. I listen to the

chink of my broken serrated sky on a tray. I can hear them coming, the rising

and falling, the rising and falling. There is a way in the ocean’s swing and

sway. Fragrant newlings in tomorrow’s spray. That is what my grandmother’s

twinkling eyes used to say. (Silvering)

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