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Webs of Enchantment


Louise Punt-Fouche’s Webs of Enchantment is a series of images and wordwebs, that “seem to celebrate an intimate bond between women and the earth as the realm of our common origin, which has to be revered and ritually celebrated – as her art does – lest we forget to affirm and reaffirm our need for participation in the collective cycle of birth, life and death. Appropriately Louise’s work is redolent with memories of Jungian archetypes and Tolkienesque imaginings of middle-earthean figurations.”


Professor Bert Olivier, Department of Philosophy
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

​Webs of Enchantment: Wordwebs & Images. Cadar Printers,

Cape Town, 2010.

ISBN 978-0-620-47325-5

Webs of Enchantment

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