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In this rich and multi-dimensional book on the phenomenon of the mandala, the author’s voice is  present, accessible and as she often points out, human and fallible.

“The world has become fractured and has lost its centre. The gates and walls of the inner palace of the mandala have been plundered. An array of opposing realities compete on our screens in the cyber world. It is an age unfathomable to us; - the divided human being in the centre of a meaning crisis. This feeling is enhanced by the current threat of the Coronavirus, the unitive vision of the Mandala, completely polarised.”

Louisa has set herself the task to recreate the seed-symbol of the mandala as ‘a universal ‘organic’  meta-language. Prof Bert Olivier wrote, “…having exposed what might be called the present ‘crisis of meaning,’ exacerbated by the coronavirus ‘pandemic,’ the book is a very poetic and variegated elaboration on the Mandala as a blueprint of continuous personal and cultural transformation”.

Louisa writes, “ It has taken me almost 40 years to dare to write a book about the phenomenon of the mandala. The experience of the living  mandala in all aspects of life has rearranged my life and has filled me with courage to stay awake in the fierce light of the Living Present, where transformation, ensoulment and a Way through humanity’s greatest evolutionary ordeal might be possible.”

With extra-ordinary attention and artistry that does not shy away from the uncomfortable, she examines the ordinary in poems, dreams, musings and art as, “Light upon Light”, as we “Breath in… and Breathe out…” in   “ A circle of continuous change”, becoming the “Dance master, the Dance Maker and the Dance of the Mandala”, in a “Circle of Love”, with a stance to the psyche that answers the ultimate question of , “Who am I?”, with radical acceptance, “I am willing”, “To live the Questions”, and to become and be the “Life in service of others” and to accept the “Invitation to the world-space of the diamond mandala”.

Carrying Sand to the River

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