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The Little Gold in you

“… and may a humble love army of engoldened midwife-warriors rise up in sacred action to redeem humanity” ( Andrew Harvey)

We are already living in the new year, weeded with new challenges and fear. The washing is blowing in blustery wind and the world squirms in a wasteland that stretches beyond imaginary posts we have created, challenging the slow burn of a bewildering war on meaning-making. The wildflowers are marching to new territory in search of their lost fragrance and the living roots of dying bush, trees and flowers are mutating into talismans. And I wonder why I am not wearing the new red dress that my beloved gave me a few years ago.

Last night I looked at the sky and the stars in the naked darkness of the night and saw the golden light of the moon and the stars playing with the tree and bougainvillaea and I knew that the little gold in life is in everything. It is a living script of simple union, a constant initiation.

this night I sing to

the "engoldened mid-wife warriors"

reaching to the stars

the blazing fire

of the little gold glowing

the simple union

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