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Silvering- an anthology of poetry - released March 2023

There is a quiet ache in the solitary darkness of a poet’s soul, which is unfathomable for many, but an unsuspected treasure at the same time.

The treasure is in a silver casket, created with the ash of burnt shadows and the blazing fire of eternal struggles. It contains the ultimate secret – the secret of the cloud of unknowing flickering the purest transparent flower in bright but brief flashes of lightning.

This book celebrates the possibility of a wild and manifold otherness in a super sensory landscape of silver, where awareness is propelled laterally into the nuances that are at once both profoundly psychological and sensuous – a space where we share the living dream with the Silver Oak Tree, the Crow, the Mountain and the Stones – a dwelling place of the gods in the past which has mutated into a chiming mirror of many selves co-existing in the Silvering of the ineffable and unfathomable.

I sit silently inside the secret of my soul, which has, over time, transformed into an empty beggar’s bowl.

Passers-by come and go, oblivious to my heart’s quickening beat as I fall – a pile of brash as I crash, although I hear the silver bell’s silent call.

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