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With flame in hand, the creative fire, Prometheus, had burnt down my house many times with me inside. It seemed impossible to live without being overwhelmed by the two most universal experiences, love and loss, each haunted by the spectre of the other or its ever-present prospect.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, wearing sackcloths of remorse, humility, and at the same time, a butterfly crown of luminescent joy and beauty, a sad sweetness lingering in all the yesterdays.

I met the Blessed One in the Under, its Jack Nicolson face, burnished by the paradoxes of life, with a lush mind, shimmering spirit, exploring with a tremendous sense of insight - the lyrical questions about how to live in the 'almost-thereness' - the thereness in the beauty of the trees and the mountains and life experiences breaking our hearts repeatedly with the 'almostness'".(Carrying Sand)

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