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Once upon a time, there was and there wasn't an old woman...

The Art of Dreaming - An interview conducted by Prem Moodaley.

Question: Prem Moodaley:

In conclusion, what wisdom would you impart to women living in this chaotic world? What is the “story” women must remember, and how can we live a deep, rich, conscious life, despite the challenges we face personally and collectively?

Answer: Louisa Punt-Fouche

Be present in your own life. Do not harbour on the past and the future.

Let go of your needs, desires, attachments and resentments.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Listen to the call of the Old Woman through your dreams and intuitions.

Then go into the forest (solitude) if she calls.

Share your stories and dreams.

Lift yourself out of self-preoccupation by doing something for somebody else or volunteering to clean the cages of neglected and forgotten animals.

Do not take yourself too seriously – there is a “you”, but also a “you “in relationship with everything else.

Do not allow yourself to be objectified; in other words, you are not just a commodity to be shown off and used.

Honour your body. Do not buy into the body-beautiful stereotypes that the media is confronting you. You have the body you need to grow and revolutionize into a unique, kind and wise being.

And so much more…maybe the following story will be more helpful:

Once upon a time and no time, there was, and there wasn’t, an old, old woman who walked in the desert alone. She grunted, growled and stopped ever so often to look at something in the sand or on the horizon. It was clear that she was searching for something. She wore a massive cloak of woven story, glued together by all the tears that have been shed in the history of humanity. If you looked closely, you would see the glimmering of the wasted lives of so many women. Sometimes you could see their eyes filled with fear and disappointment. But, if you looked closely, you could also see a train of animals following the woman, some only mirages and some more visible. Following behind the animals …. can it be?... plants, trees, and even stones trying to escape extinction…following her… It was like a part of the earth was dissolving and following her, followed by fire, water and the wind.

She mumbled and stumbled, cried …and then she stopped. She picked up a piece of bone, put it in her pocket…and carried on picking up bits and pieces of bones, stones, bark …fragments of life once lived. She wailed, lamenting the death of so many sentient life forms…Shuffling along…

And then she stopped…she carefully selected bits and pieces she had gathered in her pockets. She looked at each piece for a long time and then placed it upon the sand until the parts started to form patterns, familiar patterns, …a woman’s torso, the hindquarters of a wild dog…oh yes, that looks like a tree…and so on.

She raised her arms and started singing, swaying from side to side. Her voice sounded like a thousand choirs from the heavens and the earth creating music…oooo…. mmm…. aaaa…uuuu…that vibrated in your heart…

And then something extraordinary happened…all the bits of life that she gathered the woman, the tree and the wild dog, came back to life and disappeared over the horizon. So, the old woman’s song became the song of all the abused, forgotten, and neglected… and something stirred in the human consciousness…

So, take the hands of the old woman who lives inside you and go into the desert (solitude). Allow yourself to mourn the losses in your life whilst actively searching and gathering the bits of yourself that you have lost. At some point, the collected bits will come to life and help you to re-enter your existence with more wisdom and compassion for others (the re-birth of altruism). And then you start the process again and again….

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