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Mother Earth - the Middle of the Middle of All

Mother Earth has many faces. But unfortunately, our relationship with her has settled into a pattern of conscious and unconscious unkindness. It tells the story of neglect, indifference and violence. She is the Middle of the forests of all human experiences, inaccessible to the noisy, selfish, pressured world of relative thought. Yet, she protects the realm of the mothers, our common origin.

At night she summons the Memories - little figures that carry the Jungian archetypes like boulders on their shoulders. She implores the Sirens to sing and lure the Murmurings to show up as sacred warriors, addressing the complaints of neglect and forgotten things. And then, she dances around the fire of constant change and beckons the Tolkienesque Imaginings to create new stories of worlds that shimmer with the realness of her body.

She waits for dawn and invites the solid stony middle-earthen creatures to write the Memoirs of the future in the first innocent light of the sun, etching the surfaces of ancient stones with possibilities.

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