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On the Fence of Fears

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On the Fence of fears

Louisa Punt-Fouche has compiled a collection of poems that celebrate the many voices of humanity, from polemics and rallying cries to lyrics, philosophy, and contemplations about the progressive entrapment of the human soul in the twenty-first century.

Her poems are provocative explorations of the neglect and deconstruction of the feminine principle, the struggle of creative fires to survive, the steely shadows of post-modernism that alienates individual freedom and the ability to wake up and show up in the vast open spaciousness of the present – in which a fence around silence is wisdom.

Presence is a sphere

Where nothing is far or near

      - Transparent vastness

On the Fence of fears is an exploration and elucidation of dreams, subjective realisations of being present to presence – embedded in the ideological, technological surround of the twenty-first century.

It is a “bursting out” of the magical nexus of the natural-animal world of imagination, the primal world of The Mother,(Our Angry mothers, part 1), and the historical reality of fenced impulses, paradoxical complexities of survival instincts, and the loss of primal trust about our origin. It is an adventurous attuning to the starry cosmogony in the acoustic caves (the feminine mystique) of the Swartberg mountain where I live.

It is a crashing upon the edges of things, (confined mental spaces) experiencing disaster and wonder as in The struggle of the artist ( part 2) stuck in thought prisons imbued with histories injunctions and fear-fences that have been constructed by the collective to preserve/lock the doors to free thought. It addresses the iron in the soul of the artist that sits on fences for too long.

It is a twirling, a tinkering of thoughts in Lattice Letters (part 3) – an a-perspectival bridge between the visible and the invisible, the future and the past, an inquiry into the lattices of being – the interbeing. Lattice letters address time-fences-and-freedom in verse, images, dreams, sound, colours, and textures of being, elucidated and realized as a multi-armed ( Shiva)reality that eventually breaks free from pyramidal thought to spherical thought – in the multiplicity of now.

Fence of fears is a circumambulation of the present ( A fence around wisdom is silence, part 4), in which the past and the future unite in a consciously obtained presence of spiritual origin; an integral space, vast open spaciousness — in which the whole becomes translucent in its awareness of me and I become aware of the whole.

It slowly dawned upon me that integration/actualisation/ integral understanding — is more than just an attunement to the immediate moment; it is about being present to presence.

Fences lead to fear and to imprisonment over time. Fences are the opposite of openness and translucency, in which everything is far and near at the same time.  Time as prison/fence dissolves to a time-freedom where past, present, and future co-exist.

It is only then that writing poetry becomes a shimmering of a translucent sphere, where nothing is far or near, but only a certain quality/hue, texture of feeling and touch that could sometimes feel/see/hear/be/become through the fences, the barriers, the mental prisons – to an experiencing of the world as the more-than-human-world where we become co-conscious mutants/mutations as leaps of consciousness into new realizations of being.

Quotes from the book:


“Wheel me on a sandy yellow road, to the sacred blue sky.

Let me hover between the fiery soles of my feet and my scorched soul.


Pour water on me, so that I can go with water,

 never to return to the collective sea.


Let me be the shadow of a single droplet of how to be.”



"I am the roaring wind in the water of all souls


When your mind wanders

 Your feet feeling unsure

The ocean will call you

Slipping into a single salted drop

 Of “thus-come”

A path of many undone —

To one"

 "But ... where the earth rests on air, the ethereal blur,

in the lightning of today’s post-modern slur —

across, beyond, through and transcend —

 our reflections in the moon water bend backwards

into history, to the origin of me and you

teasing the deepest recesses of humanity’s prussian blue."

Fence of Fears. Publishing and Book Production by Christel Foord. 2020.

ISBN 978-1-990968-77-8 

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