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Mother Earth Revisited

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Mother Earth revisited (2009)


I have been thinking about the link between humans and nature – almost a kind of consolation in the face of the social structures created by mankind in different epochs in history, to console and spiritualize unbearable and inevitable human experiences.

This exhibition revisits the many faces of Mother Earth, our conscious and unconscious unkindness in our relatedness to her, the neglected archetype of the feminine mystique in the interior and exterior spaces of human existence, and ventures into “the realm of the mothers” shared by all humans albeit at a level inaccessible to most of us being immersed in the noisy, pressured world of (post)-modern society.


The pen-and-ink drawings celebrate an intimate bond between woman and earth as the realm of our common origin, which needs to be revered and ritually celebrated. It summons middle-earthean figures, memories of Jungian archetypes, and Tolkienesque imaginings into the time-space of ink drawings on rice paper - an attempt to be awake in a collective sphere of imagination.


Reflection on the process of creating – diary:

“ It seemed to have been a process, where the separate sense of self disappeared completely – even just for a brief moment…in which a quiet opening appeared – no grasping, no opposites, no mind-patterns or ego…just a sense of unshakeable beingness.”

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