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Memories, Dreams, Reflections

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Memories, Dreams, Reflections


I am borrowing this title Memories, Dreams, Reflections, from Carl Gustav Jung’s autobiography. He has informed my thinking, my being, my own process of experiencing the world profoundly, in ways that I cannot begin to elucidate. I can fully relate to his words, in the introduction of his book.

“It became clear that all memories which have remained vivid to me had to do with emotional experiences that arouse uneasiness and passion in the mind…Only what is interior has proved to have substance and a determining value. As a result, outer events have faded, and perhaps these ‘outer ‘experiences were never essential anyhow or were so only in that they coincided with phases of inner development.”

This understanding reverberates through these artworks, as manifestations, of my life as a story of self-realization of the unconscious and the inner pressure to trace a process of being and becoming ( or evolution ) in the psyche of man, through my own experiences and growth as a human being. I am deeply aware that there is no objective foundation from which to interface these artworks, other than the realisation that my human-story is a splinter of an infinite reality where pockets of wholeness can be intuited.

My dreams, reflection and memories of a situated life, are a confirmation that I am a psychic process, that humans are psychic processes that cannot be fully controlled -  but can be directed through becoming and being progressively awake enough to show up as intelligent beings in the crucible of continuous change, in synchronicity with the expanding and contracting universe.

These artworks are letters of the unconscious in manifold forms, mostly ambiguous, paradoxical, laconic, and multi-armed in meaning. The collages, the sparks of colour in playful drawings, the offerings of human faces as maps of experience - can only be contemplated in a stance of openness to the complexity of the human existence, irreducible to single meanings. It is maybe a visual manifestation of the impossibility of self-portrayal.


“If I ask the value of my life, I can only measure myself against the centuries and then I must say, Yes, it means something. Measured by the ideas of today, it means nothing”. Carl Jung

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