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The Diaphanous Curtain Of Slanting Light

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Diaphanous Curtain Of Slanting Light - Exhibition in progress

“May the curtain never fall on the stage you set”. Bonnie Mbuli

May the curtain never fall on the stage of our human railing against the progressive entrapment of the human soul in the twenty-first century. May the stage be open to all of us to ask questions about how we can grow and evolve beyond the indictments of our time. And may we have enough common sense and intelligence to develop a diaphanous curtain that will slant the light to a vast open plain of consciousness where we can see through the sheer, fine delicate light – to see ourselves as gossamer-thin strands of intelligence and awareness swirling free in the womb of the cosmos … “ whence all have birth”.


“…there is no firmament, only a void, unless a jewelled tent…mythwoven and elf-patterned; and no earth, unless the mother’s womb whence all have birth”. Tolkien

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