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C.O.W Jewellery Design

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C.O.W. Jewellery design 


I started making jewellery with stones, silver, and found objects in nature in the nineties, which resulted in creating this registered designer label. I have had numerous jewellery exhibitions over the years. The motif was a celebration of the beauty of the natural world of women, as I described in the following writing a long time ago…


…It is about an old woman who understands the vastness of the desert, the differentiation of mountains and rocks and plants, and all that makes up our common world, blended into one another and faded away, leaving only the experience of primordial unity – not dull and inert but vibrant with rhythmic light and life, with celestial sounds of songs and harmonies, melodiously rising and falling and merging and then fading away into silence…

… It is about the old woman in all of us who understands empty spaces and never-ending circles and the presence of all life in the depths of the brown eyes of the cow on the moon, the ultimate symbol of the feminine archetype in man and woman – patience, nourishment; abundance, fertility; power, potential; possibility, immortality and eternity.


…It is of a crazy old woman (C.O.W. Design) who lives beyond body and songline patterns that mark the earth and bits of lived life and memories…

…and of stones and bones that she carefully collects and thoughtfully put together in patterns that remind us of our inner nature, the essence of our spirit…

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