About Louisa's Art

Her art has been exhibited in numerous solo- and group exhibitions since 1990, (9 solo and 40 group exhibitions). 


“Art transports us, the Seers, into an alchemical crucible, where the base matter of our souls (Prima Materia), is gathered and melted down. 

It is here where some process of dissolving and transformation is initiated. The architecture of the exterior landscape and the interior

landscape is appropriated through colour, texture and then formed into a vessel of change”.


 As a voracious reader and explorer of ideas, she has found it appropriate to use a wide range of expressive media: pen and ink drawings 

on rice paper, line and aquatint etchings, monotypes, collages, pastels, mixed media, conceptual art, texture art, mandala

drawing and environmental installations.


“I live on a Karoo farm, on the periphery of life with a wonderful husband, my children and a pack of dogs. I live in a space where light and the experience of time, are central features of daily existence. 

I have the privilege in my work as a psychologist, to share many interior spaces with others.

I love drawing faces as maps of experience;

patterns as the settings of archetypal existence;

words in images; 

mandalas as blueprints of infinity;

conceptual art (installations) as a reflective tool of situated consciousness.”