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About Louisa


We are finite beings longing for the infinite…The infinite affords us the escape from the prison walls of our ego…Sometimes, when our ego is diminished, it is like a death…and we grieve…If those little holes of grief become apertures[mandalas] through which we can see beyond ourselves…we are in awe and experience a sense of wonder…maybe the sacred…the beyond…

(Informed and influenced by the thinking of John Vervaeke)

Louisa Punt-Fouché (4 September 1958) is a South-African poet and artist, intellectual mystic, scholar of the evolution of consciousness, clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, yoga teacher, naturalist, and lifelong activist serving the voiceless. She attained a doctorate in Psychology in 1993. She has exhibited her art in numerous exhibitions and has written 11 books.

Louisa is a poet, integral philosopher, Jungian scholar, Yogini and phenomenologist of consciousness. The breadth and depth of her knowledge of art, the wonderful and terrifying patterns of how the psyche of humans develops and manifests, and her ability as an autistic woman to live the experience of the sensuous touch of nature in all its aspects – allow for a radiant vision of human consciousness that shines through her art, poetry and work with the mandala as a manifestation of the blueprint of how tomorrow is already shaping the patterns of being and becoming in the present. She is willing to preserve infantile impressions and trusts her instincts when creating whilst indifferent to the outcome – she simultaneously accepts that creation is beautiful and terrifying. Therefore, her prolific output.

Is it possible that Louisa might allude to the nascence of a new tribe - a tribe which dances in a ballet of twinkling fireflies - celebrating the essence of living shimmering in the forever unfolding processes of change?

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