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We are finite beings longing for the infinite…The infinite affords us the escape from the prison walls of our own ego…Sometimes, when our ego is diminished, it is like a death…and we grieve…If those little holes of grief become apertures[mandalas] through which we can see beyond ourselves…we are in awe and experience a sense of wonder…maybe the sacred…the beyond…

(Informed and influenced by the thinking of John Vervaeke)


The mandala as a living presence


Louisa Punt-Fouché (4 September 1958) is a South-African poet and artist, intellectual mystic, scholar of the evolution of consciousness, clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, yoga teacher, naturalist and lifelong activist in service of the voiceless.  She has been in clinical practice for 37 years, has lectured students, social workers, trauma specialists, has done psycho-legal work for sexually abused children, supervised numerous master’s dissertations, and created post-trauma recovery mindfulness programs for abused women, children and the underprivileged.

In an inexplicable way, the winding path of the ‘creative fire’, has swept her along, where her life as a Jungian psychologist (D.Phil.), and custodian of all the neglected aspects of nature, animals, children, and women – became works of art.

Her doctorate, (1993) from the University of Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), is a phenomenological-analytical exploration of the ritualisation of the mandala in the therapeutic in-between space.  It was an attempt to seek a solution within the dissolution in humanity, in a time of potentiation catalysed by the rolling thunder of personal, ideological, and political crises in South Africa; the divided human being.

Key to her continuing research of the mandala, (spanning over 34 years), has not been to attain a mere intellectual comprehension alone, but also to limn a spiritual clarity, a recognition of wholeness, an awareness of past, present, and future, and to touch upon the integral presence of the mandala, as a living blueprint of human evolutionary consciousness, in the original presence/being of the human person, at different developmental stages/structures of consciousness.

Louisa Punt-Fouché’s mandala research became a living voice over time, emerging as a cultural and psychological phenomenon, in the world of civilisational catastrophe in the twenty-first century.  The result was chanting poetry in luminous ink-drawings, daring humanity to be and become one with Nature, dreaming a new world-order of interbeing, in polyphonic song verses; a recreation of the diamond mandala shimmering infinite angles of light, through all possibilities of being.

Art and poetry


Parallel to her writings and teachings about the mandala, Louisa Punt-Fouché has exhibited her art in numerous solo and group exhibitions, since 1984.


Her artworks, and poetry overflow with free and spontaneous expression in words and images of her experience of the world as an infinite paradox, united in one existence.  Her poetry and art are textural compositions of touch and feel in multiple voices.

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