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A Trace of Thyme

Through the ever-present consciousness of creativity, the present timeless moment unfolds,' happens' to us, and fulfils itself in us. In my journals, I repeatedly wrote that I am not creating art, but that art is creating me.


"As a scholar, poet, and artist, I progressively realised that creativity is a flowing process of unfoldment of multifaceted phenomena in the moment". (Carrying Sand to the River)


The only way of travelling to the future in the now, is to live on the edge or horizon of processes - the liminal spaces where human and the non-human meet, like human and Nature, human and animal, human and the more-than-human, mind, and earth, the soles of your feet and the soil. It is a deliberate venture to illicit the space between exploring and elucidating the physics, the ontology of the vibrational or quivering breath, delicately textured with mystery, movements, memory, and musings.


This process of creativity in word and image explores the elemental relationship between the human body and living Nature – the human entanglement with the alchemy of the breathing earth.

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