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A New World

Louisa’s mind is an intricately textured sigh - a deep breath which blurs boundaries as she surrenders to the mystery of the in-between space  -  between human and animal, mind and earth.

“The only way of travelling to the future in the now, is to live on the edge or horizon of processes - the liminal spaces where human and the non-human meet, like human and Nature, human and animal, human and the more-than-human, mind and earth, the soles of your feet and the soil . It is a deliberate venture to illicit the space between exploring and elucidating the physics, the ontology of the vibrational or quivering breath, delicately textured with mystery, movements, memory and musings .”


Unfolding of the present moment, which ‘happens’ to us, fulfils itself in us.

This body of work moves into the arena of intellectual mysticism, which embraces the living roots(origin) of developing consciousness and how it constantly transforms and transcends reality into a translucent sphere, spiralling human consciousness across the span of history into the present – “always-already shaped by tomorrow”.

This unfolding of the present moment, which ‘happens’ to us, fulfils itself in us – in the singing colours of the everlasting which softens time.


Softening Hours


she lives in nothingness

painting masks to survive

              shocking and strange faces

                         showing up in instinctual places


she does everything out of nothing

etching curvy lines

            with her diamond-sharp eyes

                        into the mirage of infantile impressions


she wears the ideologies of the time

the bad breast stories of Melanie Klein

                embroidered on her blouse

                             in newspaper collages


she walks lightly   shuffling slightly

with dancers in her mind

        arranging fresh rainbow flowers

                 inside time’s softening hours     

Silvering - an island of glas  II.jpg
The ballet of the yellow roses.jpg
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